Malapascua Island


Philippines is one of the best places to go for diving; clear salt water, beautiful corals, sighting colorful fishes, sharks, rays and a lot more. There are few Islands to visit within the many Islands in the country and some of them are still undiscovered. One of the most popular for diving spot is Malapascua, a very small island situated 6.8kilometer across the northern part of Cebu. However, Malapascua is still a part of Daanbantayan, Cebu.

Malapascua is popular for diving with the Thresher Sharks, at a diving site called Monad Shoal. Higher chance to see them is during the dawn so really getting up early for diving. My German Fiance really loves to Dive and enjoy seeing the beauty of under nature. Featured picture by the way is from the other Guy there who was diving with him, so I credit it to him. With the Island’s popular Thresher sharks he really was so excited to see them. And that was the only reason why we chose this place for a vacation. Though it’s only my fiance’s hubby and not mine, I of course also enjoyed my time there because of its wide white beach. So regarding Diving I only get an information from him. And you know what, Thresher Sharks is actually not the only reason why Divers must visit Malapascua. For him, after few times seeing the Thresher Sharks underwater it already loses some excitement, its still exciting because not all the time you’ll see them around but not as exciting as the first time. BUT, knowing these little Island there called Gato Island, is awesome beautiful and worth to stay more days to discover this little paradise. Yes, I know I sounds like I have been there underwater but I can still remember exactly how my fiance looked like when He went back to our Hotel room, so happy and glowing.

Gato Island




According to Him, Gato Island is the most beautiful dive spot he have ever seen, so far. It is an hour boat ride from Malapascua, so normally you will have two dives in there. Going there in the morning then have the first dive, stay in the boat for lunch then have the second dive before heading back the the main island. So I would say it is really so much worth to visit if you love diving.

How to get to Malapascua: 

From Manila. There is a daily direct flight from NAIA to Cebu International Airport, from there take a taxi to bring you to the Northern Bus Terminal. From there you have to take a bus or a Van to Maya Port. Take a note of this, taking a Bus is not so easy, it takes 6-7 hours because of it’s different route than a Van and also does more stops, so I recommend you to take a Van for almost same price (100 php) but only takes 3-4hrs. Both will take you straight to Maya Port where you can take a boat that brings you to Malapascua Island for 80 pesos each.

From Cebu Piers. Make it easy by just taking a taxi to Northern Bus Termnial and choose a Van to take you to Maya Port which takes 3-4hrs for 100 Php. Then from Maya Port take a boat to Malapascua for 80 pesos each.

For accommodation there will be no really problem if you are planning to go there on low season, I am quite sure you can easily book by walking in. But of course to make sure most especially during peak season, you can book in advance thru any different agencies you prefer online.

Being there in general was good. Nice swimming time and enjoyed walking at the nice white sand beach aside from Diving and Boat Tour during the day. Sitting along the beach with a nice cocktail while watching the stars in the evening. The locals were very accommodating. We arrived there without any idea where our Hotel is located, one guy approached us and offer to take us the way there, without expecting anything in return but only offering us some packages of what you can do to enjoy while being there. And of course we contacted him later for a day trip to Kalanggaman, another little beautiful island which I will be posting soon too.

Evening in Malapascua
A Beautiful Sunset in Malapascua
Enjoying nice time at the beach

I just have some reminders before getting there. One is to make sure you have enough cash because most accomodations/restaurants and other things you may need there takes cash, and NO ATM, neither in Maya. Also, there will be days that the power is off all day long so also make sure all of your gadget are fully charged, and as much as possible while there is a running water, keep freshen up yourself because when the power is cut means there is no running water too, and it’s really kind of hot in there.