Crispy Pork Sizzling Sisig (with a side soup)

Pork sisig is one of my most favorites Filipino Dish. Usually its made out of Pig’s head.
But in my recipe I used Liempo (Pork Belly), which I prefer and of course for my German partner who also prefer better part of a Pig. Cooking Pork Sisig takes a bit of time and a hard work, and not everyone can make it good, it needs your full attention and the right timing: To tender the meat, to fry it into perfection for the meat not to be too hard and the skin is crispy enough but not overcooked, to saute all those ingredients for a good aroma and a right timing to mix it before eating so the egg wil not be overcooked. But all those efforts, once done well, is all worth it!
In the Philippines, it is served with rice for a meal but mostly Sisig can be found in every bar which is served as “Pulutan” in a hot sizzling plate and it is really good with a cold beer. For us, we don’t have sizzling plate so we just kept it in the pan. We of course eat it with rice, and I think a hot soup on the side made it all perfect.
So here I share with you my Crispy Pork Sisig with a hot soup.

750grams Pork Belly (with Skin)
2Tbsp. Butter
4Tbsp. Diced White Onion
2Tbsp. Diced Ginger
2Tbsp. Diced Bell Pepper (Red or Green)
2Tbsp. Mayonnaise (Full Scoop)
3Tbsp. Liver Spread
1/2 tsp.Garlic powder
Ground Black Pepper
1Tbsp. Diced Chili
1 Egg
1 Lime or Kalamansi

-Boil the pork belly with a water enough to cover the meat, put salt, black pepper and garlic powder into it. Once its boiling, lower the heat to simmer for 45mins.
-Remove the meat from the water and let it dry a bit. Refrigerate for 8hrs or overnight. Keep the water (pork stock) for the soup later.
-Slice and separate the Skin of the meat. Deep fry the meat until golden brown. Let the skin fry longer until it becomes crispy.
-Slice the meat into a very small cubes. Also the Skin but keep it separated.
-Heat a pan and melt the butter. Add on the Ginger, Onions and Bell Pepper. Becareful not to burn it, keep stirring until you think the aroma has come out.
-Add liver spread and mix it well.
-Add the sliced meat. Continue mixing it in a medium heat. Put 1 Full tsp. Salt and little bit of ground black pepper.
-Add the Mayonnaise and chili. Put a pinch of sugar on it.  Mix well and let it stay again for another minute. Taste and adjust with salt and sugar according to your taste.
-Heat up  sizzling plate and transfer the cooked pork sisig into it while it’s heating continuosly, topped with the crispy Pork Skin and Egg. Remove from heat and put Sliced lime or Kalamansi on the side.
-Mix it while the Sizzling plate is still hot.
(For those who does not have a Sizzling Plate, just keep it in the pan, once the pork sisig is done, spread the Crispy Pork Skin and topped with an Egg. Make sure it’s hot enough for the egg to be cooked a bit.)

For the soup as side dish:
-Pour pork stock in a caserole.  (The water you used to boiled the pork for your Sisig)
-Add whole black pepper, sliced ginger, onions and Cabbage. Boil until Cabbage is cooked.
-Add Salt and a pinch of sugar to taste.

Serve it with Hot Rice. Or enjoy the Hot Sizzling Crispy Pork Sisig with a Cold Beverage.