First blog post

I actually have always wanted to write about just anything; life experiences, travel, cooking, parenting, relationships, etc. But I always got caught up into a busy days. As a working full time mom and housewife, it’s so difficult to find a good time to do what I like. But here I am writing my first blog, so here’s how did all started.

Like my daily routine, waking up early preparing my husband’s breakfast, and as he goes out to work I woke up our 2year old little girl and share a quick breakfast with her. Then the household works starts and finished it with hungry tummy; “oh it’s already noon”. I haven’t even prepared food for lunch yet, not even starting any computer work yet, not even been out of the house yet for my daughter’s daily fresh air. So I decided to just check what I can cook for lunch only to found out that there is not even much food stock left, not even some meat, but thanks god that it’s only me and my little one at home. So while cutting all these little veggies left, I didn’t even know how will I cook them, then my mind started to flow again how I love to cook and this is something I would love to do if I decide to get another job. Then my desire to write comes next and thought that I could actually start to write about cooking, but I said NO, I don’t wanna write just usual common recipes, I want to do more that this, communicating and reaching out other people’s senses is what I want, in any different subjects. So I made a decision, I’m gonna start to write; of course I will include some recipes and tips of cooking within my blog so I could do both of what I loved at the same time, and this is what I feel like to write today. So as a start I wanna share how I easily manage to make something good to eat in the last minute and without enough main ingredients , and that little girl could eat well too. So all I have is this “Baguio Beans and carrots” what am I gonna do with it? First, I take a look of what spices I have and check what’s first thing needs to be eaten before it gets bad, tomatoes most especially, that means my sauce would gonna be with tomatoes. But I have a little one with me who’s not into vegetables so much yet, though I really always try to introduce it to her but I’m afraid she would not eat it just like this. So I opened up the fridge and search for something she may also like. A lyoner sausage! Perfect! Even though I haven’t cooked vegetables with sausage yet, I felt relieved that there is something at least she likes and I will make it good for both of us. So here’s what I made out of it; (you can see the quantity of vegetables in the pics. Actually just good for two)

1. Cut the sausage into small cubes. Stir fry until medium brown with an olive oil. Remove fried sausage from the pan.
2. In the same pan sauté Diced tomatoes and green Bell Pepper for about 2 minutes in a medium heat. Slightly press the tomatoes to make a little sauce.
3. Add the carrots and green beans. Stir fry for another 2 minutes. Add a pinch of salt and ground black pepper. Add 3pcs dried bay leaves.
4. Pour in 120ml water. Put 1Tbsp. Tomato paste. 1Tbsp. Paprika. A pinch of sugar. Add little more salt and pepper. Add a pinch of dried oregano and rosemary, but this is optional. Cover and cook until vegetables are tender. You can always add a bit of water if needed. It must be with a little bit of sauce when done.
5. Add 1tsp. Fish sauce. Adjust taste with salt and a bit of sugar according to the taste you like.
6. Transfer the cooked vegetables into the plate and top it with the fried sausage.

Done! You see, as easy as that. You don’t need to always search for recipes to make something good, just look of what you have and let your feeling decide what kind of taste you wanna have; salty, sour, sweet etc. and look for best available ingredients you have at home. Just do what you think is good, nothing to worry about trying of something new, who knows how it’s gonna be unless you tried. Most importantly, its healthy and yummy! And my tip is, follow your taste, cook according to your own taste at that moment you are cooking. Adjust as much as you want, your own taste will never disappoint you in such a hurry unplanned cooking, instead you can make it even better.
Yes! I’ve finally wrote my first blog. I can’t wait to share more! We will see what is it about with the next one! See you!