Death Penalty in the Philippines, what do you say?

Death penalty in the Philippines, is it really going to be approved soon? 272 out of 293 congressmen/women have just voted on the return of the death penalty in the Philippines. 217 in favor, 54 against it and 1 abstained. This is the third and final reading of the House Bill number 4727 which allowed the judges to punish with either death penalty or lifetime imprisonment those who commits heinous crimes such as drug involvement, rape, kidnapped, etc. After its a approval, the vote counts  will be submitted to the Senate for another three readings. 

Death Penalty. What can I say? Will it really help to decreased crimes in the Philippines? Is it really fair enough to kill those who commit sins? I could not think what’s best. I also had few bad experiences and have seen enough of those killings and women being raped even children, and I was never feeling safe while in there, I always had to be aware including all those nights alone. Totally frustrated of what’s going on. But this will really be very sad, as a Filipina born and raised in the Philippines, I don’t wanna hear a news saying one have punished by hanging, then another one with lethal injection, and one more killed thru a Firing Squad. But on the other side I also have enough hearing all those bad news of killings and raped due to being high on drugs and whatever awful news. HAYYY NAKU! If only everyone choose to do better things and let the love be above all, this could be a better world.
But if this is the only best way to stop those crimes, even if i hardly agree, still I support for this. I’ll just hope and pray that this will make the crime rate lesser and that those in the dark who commits sins will enlighten up their lives and think that life is actually much much much better living with love on our hearts.