Cooking have been always my passion. I realized it even still when I was a kid, from time to time I always had this feeling to cook something. And it always makes me happy, even if I would cooked the whole day I wouldn’t even mind when my legs starts to hurt from standing long time. In the Philippines where I’ve grown up, it is easy for us to get some vegetables from sorroundings. So I really had a lot of vegetable cooking in my childhood. I remember, there was even a time that my Mother has to pay a penalty of something wrong I have done because of eagerness to cook. I hooked up a Banana Bloosom and cooked it for dinner. But of course I was not too aware that someone could be so mad by that and I also did not know that without that “Banana heart” the fruit would not continously develop to be eaten. At least something I have learned from there, hehe.

For me, cooking is not just doing the right thing and follow exact recipes. It needs passion and love. We should do what we love and love what we do, to be synchronized. In order to make the best of it.

As having  a passion for writing, I knew I would always add a page for my recipes, share my “experiments” and some tips I have learned in cooking by myself. So I hope you guys would enjoy it as much as I do. And don’t hesitate to leave some comments on my recipes, I am open for any suggestion to make my cooking even better.