Buy from Amazon and helps unfortunate kids

I started Amazon Affiliate MArketing to be able to earn and help those less unfortunate. I wanna share my commission from to support kids in the Philippines, it will be a feeding program and help some of them who really have nothing to start school.

I left home town a long time ago and everytime I visit the place it always breaks my heart that the situation there has never changed. These kids had to walk daily back and forth to school for half an hour or more under the heat of a sun and for lunch time they just look for a house where they can drink water for free and eat their pack lunch, my parents house is one of their favorites. May be because they knew they can drink there for free and also some siblings of mine is one of their classmates or close friends. But it’s not what really breaks my heart, I’ve been in that situation too in my childhood days. But as I have observed these kids are not eating anything good, only plain rice and sometimes with some small fishes (as in much smaller than your finger) or sometimes nothing with the rice at all to give taste. So nutrition is really bad. I could not really blame their parents, who am I to judge? For sure they also tried hard to be able to send their kids to school and at least with something little to eat, life is just unfair sometimes. 

I used to give christmas gifts before when I was still making money with my online business. But it stopped. And so I can’t help anymore too cause I have started a family of my own. 

But thinking of these people, the kids; how they’re raised and feed, would the future be better than now? I AM TRULY AFRAID. So I said, since I am into selling something online, why not get back to it and share income of my hardwork to them? So I decided I will just do it. I signed up to become an amazon affiliate. And asked my parents and teacher friends in same area to send me some pictures of these kids. I will insert YouTube video of them here later. My goal is to be able to feed them something nutritious at least 2x a week. They will be very very very happy! 

So common people, let’s do it. Let’s save the future by saving all of the kids, they will be our future and we all want that better world, right? Just simply buy any amazon products from these categories below. Thank you very much. I will appreciate it very much! 

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Death Penalty in the Philippines, what do you say?

Death penalty in the Philippines, is it really going to be approved soon? 272 out of 293 congressmen/women have just voted on the return of the death penalty in the Philippines. 217 in favor, 54 against it and 1 abstained. This is the third and final reading of the House Bill number 4727 which allowed the judges to punish with either death penalty or lifetime imprisonment those who commits heinous crimes such as drug involvement, rape, kidnapped, etc. After its a approval, the vote counts  will be submitted to the Senate for another three readings. 

Death Penalty. What can I say? Will it really help to decreased crimes in the Philippines? Is it really fair enough to kill those who commit sins? I could not think what’s best. I also had few bad experiences and have seen enough of those killings and women being raped even children, and I was never feeling safe while in there, I always had to be aware including all those nights alone. Totally frustrated of what’s going on. But this will really be very sad, as a Filipina born and raised in the Philippines, I don’t wanna hear a news saying one have punished by hanging, then another one with lethal injection, and one more killed thru a Firing Squad. But on the other side I also have enough hearing all those bad news of killings and raped due to being high on drugs and whatever awful news. HAYYY NAKU! If only everyone choose to do better things and let the love be above all, this could be a better world.
But if this is the only best way to stop those crimes, even if i hardly agree, still I support for this. I’ll just hope and pray that this will make the crime rate lesser and that those in the dark who commits sins will enlighten up their lives and think that life is actually much much much better living with love on our hearts. 

The Secret of a Long Lasting Relationship and a happy marriage 

How to have a long lasting relationship? How to have a happy marriage? These are just some questions we have in mind once we failed on relationship or before getting into a relationship.

Every couple wants a happy relationship for a lifetime. There are some who succeed and still being happy together for many years and there are also some who chose to part ways. Every relationship is not prefect, there will be lots of ups and downs. But the most important is you still choose each other  and grow old together. 

Being on a 3rd serious relationship, I’ve really learned a lot from my partner and started to understand the misunderstandings and flaws I have never seen before in my failed previous relationships. 

Here I share with you what it actually takes to have a happy long lasting relationship;

Don’t live according to her/his preferences and expectations, true love is accepting someone completely including your flaws.

Appreciation is important. Appreciate her for waking up early to help you preparing for work, she may be still too sleepy but forced herself to get up for you. Appreciate him for providing for you and for the living despite of your independence, he may be is tired and wanted to rest but chose to work to give you both a better and secured future. Those are just some efforts we rarely see and forget to appreciate. Thank each other frequently, showing appreciation motivates your partner.

Giving up is not the key when something’s wrong in your relationship. True love is more than just a feeling, its a commitment. Making the relationship to work is a choice.

Try giving hug to each other before discussing an issue.  It will more likely give you love and understanding on the issue than ending up with a fight.

Listen to your partner before you make any comment whether you agree or not. Sometimes the other one is Shouting cause  of desperation to be heard and understood when the other one is not trying to be open and listen. Never closed your door for him/her.

Stand up for each other. Never ever say anything bad against your partner to anybody even to your friends. They may understood it differently and you’ve given them a bad image of your partner and its too late for you to take your words back. He/She is your better half, your own reflection. Not your enemy.

Make him/her your bestfriend, giving enough privacy but comfortably being around each other like there is nothing to hide and check. Always be there for each other and as a team. Live, laugh and love like how friends should be.

Give some freedom. You will not always have the same interest, give each other some time to enjoy his/her own interests. Choking is not the way to be always together. Being there for each other is a willingness not a stress.

Make time for each other. This is something very important because you are creating memories together.  In bad times you may forget how much you love your partner but the memories you have together will remind you and bring you back closer again. 

Avoid expecting things from your partner. Expectations leads to disappointments.  Rather, appreciate what you have and live with it. Being contented makes you happy.

But of course, if the relationship really does not simply work for both of you, don’t be too sad because it only means that out there, someone else is waiting for you. Someone you can call  Mr. Right, your one true love.

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How to be successful? 

Three attitudes we must have to be successful  
□Believe in yourself

The most common attitude of people everywhere in the world is having that lack of confidence. Even before knowing the task or what work to do you already think it’ll be difficult and you cannot do it. This attitude must be change, believe in yourself and think positive. Take it as a challenge. Never put on your mind the difficulties, understand first the assigned task for you, read the instruction again and again, understand every word of it and start to do it step by step. Just do it. You’ll never know how good you are without trying. 
□Make space for curiosity  

Don’t limit your knowledge. Always make space for something new. Keep on  learning even while already working. Don’t only focus on what you know. Read other staff and learn other ideas. 
□Work Hard

Many of us already asked this, “What is the best job for me”? Most people answers, “Do what you want and what makes you happy”. For me, this is wrong.  Think of those successful people who started as a janitor, waitress, maids, etc. Do you think they wanted that and happy while on that job? Mostly, No. They chose that because they know that’s the way to reach their goals. Working hard is one of the best investments you can have. If you don’t start then you will not have what you wanted for your future. Understand that Life is a struggle sometimes.  
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