How to be successful? 

Three attitudes we must have to be successful  
□Believe in yourself

The most common attitude of people everywhere in the world is having that lack of confidence. Even before knowing the task or what work to do you already think it’ll be difficult and you cannot do it. This attitude must be change, believe in yourself and think positive. Take it as a challenge. Never put on your mind the difficulties, understand first the assigned task for you, read the instruction again and again, understand every word of it and start to do it step by step. Just do it. You’ll never know how good you are without trying. 
□Make space for curiosity  

Don’t limit your knowledge. Always make space for something new. Keep on  learning even while already working. Don’t only focus on what you know. Read other staff and learn other ideas. 
□Work Hard

Many of us already asked this, “What is the best job for me”? Most people answers, “Do what you want and what makes you happy”. For me, this is wrong.  Think of those successful people who started as a janitor, waitress, maids, etc. Do you think they wanted that and happy while on that job? Mostly, No. They chose that because they know that’s the way to reach their goals. Working hard is one of the best investments you can have. If you don’t start then you will not have what you wanted for your future. Understand that Life is a struggle sometimes.  
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Author: NessiSedaya

A loving mom of two pretty girls. Born and Raised in the Philippines but now living in Germany with my German partner. A self-employed, work as data analyst and managing social media account. Cooking and writing are both my passion and what I love to do. I also love music, it's my way of relaxing.

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